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Hike across the water and grass lands to little Jost Van Dyke; Tiny island directly seen from North balconies of Evening Star. Guided tour available. See the family home of Quaker cotton plantation owner John Lettsom, son of Coakley, believer in freedome of the enslaved and who upon his return to his little island of Jost, in 1767 did in fact emancipate from his departed father’s estate slaves. The ruins exist, hear about history and how Willam Thorton, good friend and confidant of Lettsome became the architect of the US Capitol Building.

Bone fishing little harbor, (please check the Ministry of Natural Resources and Conservation if a liscense is needed at: 284 468 3701 or 284 494 3429)

Bone Fishing (remember to capitalize Ministry of Natural Resources and Conservation)

Bone Fishing (Ministry of Natural Resources and Conservation)


Scenic Hike
Enjoy a scenic hike on one of the many trails that crisscross Jost. The map above shows the roads and trails on the island. Evening Star is located on one of the trails to White Bay Great Harbor.

Scenic Hike for the Adventurous

Enjoy a 3 to 4 mile, steep hike starting at Evening Star Villas early in the morning. Crisscross Jost Van Dyke, enjoy the quiet beauty and panorama, and on a clear day, see the islands of Anegada, St. Croix, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. Take either the trail to Great Harbor or to White Bay for a well-deserved swim.

Remember water, sun screen, good footwear and your camera!

Hikers’ Testaments

Hikers’ Testaments