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What an enchanting island and amazing vacation! Staying at Evening Star Villas is definitely the best way to experience the beautiful Virgin Islands! As we drove up the steep hill and arrived at the villas, I was completely blown away by the view. I immediately proceeded to hop into the hammock right by the entrance with a rum and coke in hand. The view from our balcony outside our bedroom was breathtaking. The villa was very comfortable and had a fully equipped kitchen. We barbequed some nights and went out to eat others, there are a number of spots to choose from in varying price ranges. I must admit that barbecuing outside our villa was probably my favourite though, as we grilled fresh fish caught earlier that day which we had bought by Syndeys at the bottom of the hill. Venturing over to White Bay is the perfect way to spend your day relaxing! There are also tons of activities like sailboats to rent and go-cart trips around the island. To be honest though, I usually preferred just to lounge by the water and enjoy the view; White Bay has got to be one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the world. Quick heads up – I highly recommend renting a car to get around, especially for day trips over to the beach at White Bay. The bubbling pool near Taboo restaurant is also not to be missed! All in all, an amazing vacation on a beautiful island staying at a cozy and scenic villa, what more can you ask for in a vacation? I will be back soon and most definitely will be staying again at Evening Star Villas.
-Lisa N.

Although I’d been to the Virgin Islands a few times before and always loved it, there was something extra amazing about Evening Star Villas. Being at the top of the hill at the villas, seeing the amazing 360 degree view, and knowing that was what I got to wake up to in the morning, more or less blew my mind. I could stare out at the view for hours. Once I realized how close we were to my favorite beach ever (White Bay is amazing!), as well as so many other gorgeous spots, though, I tore myself away from the balcony to get ready to head down to the beach for the day. White Bay is not only beautiful, it’s always lots of fun – just busy enough to be entertaining without being too packed, amazing drinks (Painkillers are their specialty!), boats anchored up in the water, and everyone just looking for a day of sun and relaxation. Always a great time! The villas are the perfect escape after a day at the beach, nice and quiet at the top of the hill, but there’s always other evening choices just down the hill if you prefer. All in all, an amazing place to vacation and I will definitely be back soon!
-Melanie S.

I’ve stayed at Jost numerous times, but nothing really compares to the experience I had staying at Evening Star. The refreshing breeze of the tradewinds and the 360 degree view were beyond words. The villa was meticulously appointed in every manner, to the point where it felt more like my home had been moved to the Jost, rather than I was staying in a rental. Cooking on the barbeque, playing dominoes on the deck with some rum & coke and sitting around the firepit, while watching the lights of Tortola and St. Thomas in the distance, was unreal and completely relaxing. We rented a jeep from Abe’s, which I highly suggest doing, and explored the whole island. We went to almost all the beaches during the day and ate at many of the restaurants at night, but it was so nice to return to the privacy of the villas up on the hill, afterward. I could continue on for many pages, but I feel like words would not do our visit justice. I emphatically recommend Evening Star Villas and cannot wait to return.
-Michael K.

Staying at Evening Star is a win-win situation.
First, one gets to enjoy fabulous Jost van Dyke. This special island has it’s own unique atmosphere. How many places have you stayed where the entire population seems to know each other – literally ! The roads are wonderfully quiet, and we definitely came across more wild goats than cars. The beaches are simply great, and the whole place just oozes relaxation and charm. One rum cocktail and you’ve quickly settled in.

Second, the standard of accommodation is fantastic. The views are simply unbeatable, and these purpose built villas are cleverly designed, well equipped and immaculately clean. We had a lovely welcome. The lady who looks after the property hailed our jeep down in the road to say hello when she guessed we must be her “new arrivals” (we hadn’t even met !). We enjoyed the flexibility of cooking at home or eating out. Our previous experience of some Caribbean properties is that they can be rather tired and not well maintained – it’s absolutely not the case here.

It’s a winning combination, and we’d go back tomorrow !
-Allison F.